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We are behind the scene making it happen!

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We are proud to be integral to the conception of Maker Faire … as it’s been a 12 year masterpiece for us!

Maker Faire has two key people, two mothers, if you will. Sherry Huss and Louise Glasgow together really took my idea and made it real. I can think of no greater reward for having an idea than to work with people you can trust to take your idea and make it even better. If Maker Faire were a product, Sherry did the design and prototyping, the packaging and social marketing, the end-user experience; Louise organized the production, bringing all the components together in real time, developing and managing an extremely talented and dedicated production team that has its core crew but also extends broadly to volunteers at the show. In short, they did all the hard work on deadline to make it happen. I’m pretty sure nobody else has developed and produced anything quite like Maker Faire at this scale of complexity, and with such personal care for everyone involved. It has been built layer by layer, link by link over the years, with the intention of making it better each year. It is a massive maker project itself produced by a dedicated team that loves the event. I am ever grateful to Sherry and Louise and every one of the team members who know how much hard work goes on behind the scenes.

Dale Dougherty, Founder of MAKE & Co-Creator of Maker Faire

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