Production Services

  • Event, Exhibition & Festival Production

  • Tour Logistics & Management

  • Meetings & Incentive Programs

  • Concept Development & Master Planning

  • Refine Event Strategy & Onsite Execution

Leadership & Management

  • Budgets & Timelines

  • Marketing & Community Building

  • Team Building & Time Management

  • Best practices for creating and growing self directed teams

  • Design team infrastructure with clear communication and effective workflow

Who would hire our services?

Agencies that require lead production support to execute on live event deliverables to important clients.

Live events and festival producers that need support on an existing project and/or desire to tour or grow their festival.

Projects that need development and support to bring an idea to reality.

Small, profitable and forward thinking start up organizations that need a refined workflow process to support active growth, structured systems for productivity, effective communication tools, team development and infrastructure expansion.

Organizations that need motivational and management consulting services; primarily to coach mid level managers, in thriving environments with a strong corporate vision, to grow their team, build internal resources and incorporate workflow concepts to support a clear open process to activate and motivate tired teams of employees.

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