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Who We Are


Experienced Executive + Producer that consults with management and collaborates with teams to produce excellent results.

Integral to the conception of Maker Faire, an award-winning festival that celebrates education, art, innovation, science & technology and engaged a multigenerational international audience, Louise has a refreshing ability to hone in on the many details of an extremely complex event effortlessly.

Under Louise’s unique leadership, an amazing team was created and the collaboration of many artists, makers and talent produced an event with tremendous year over year growth and ultimately fostered the creation of an Int’l Maker Movement.  Over the last 12 years, this remarkable community gathering has grown internationally to nearly 50 countries and 220 events that attracted over 1.7 million attendees last year. 

Instrumental to the success of many large scale events,  Louise is extremely versatile and enjoys collaborating on large installs and productions.  Examples: Demo Producer, Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019, Logistics Producer at E3 2018 & 2019, Creative Director for Sportsmark at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Logistics Producer for the Int’l Conference on AIDS, Inaugural Producer for Dwell on Design & SunNetwork. Line Producer for ESPN’s MLBPA Player’s Choice Awards & Big League Challenge and Producer for Oracle’s 2000 iDevelop World Tour which came to life in 22 countries over 26 weeks.   Louise also serves as the Producer for smaller community events; Bear Music Fest and Sausalito Film Festival.

Louise believes that a clear vision and developing solid partnerships with clients, crew, vendors, venue partners, sponsors and cities & governmental agencies along with a sustainable approach is key to building a community that creates a solid foundation for growth, which is important for the success of any event or to bring a corporate vision to life.

Louise’s career spans 35 years and reflects her exceptional success in delivering complex events both domestically and internationally.